With the vodka market incessantly broadening, Lavikob is a new generation of Vodka that thrives with the unique intention of attracting those seeking simplicity and pureness.


We wanted to create a clean, full-bodied yet savory vodka. We’ve achieved an optimum taste by devoting our passion for greatness as well as the expertise of our master distillers.

LAVIKOB is produced from France’s finest selection of wheat grains and the purest source of water in the region; allowing you to uncover our dedication through every sip.

We use a quadruple column distillation and a quintuple filtration process to remove impurities, leaving you with a noticeable freshness and a subtle note of grain.

This unique handcrafted process proudly takes in the purest form of French tradition. Thus making Lavikob vodka perfect for sipping as well as an exceptional cocktail base.


With vodka being one the most popular distilled liquors out there, Lavikob is here to bring a swanky twist for vodka enthusiasts and set a new standard in its category.